Enemy Pie Anti-Bullying Party-O-Rama

Over the past year, there has been a massive surge in bullying and hate talk in our schools. The National Education Association has attributed this spike in bullying to one thing- the divisive words of the recent presidential campaign. From the looks of it, this problem isn’t going away anytime soon, and we need to take action and address this issue before it becomes the norm.

For the past 16 years I have worked as a children’s author and speaker. I’m excited to announce my first ever fundraiser on crowdrise.com. The purpose of this campaign is to raise money for a strategic book tour, visiting low income schools around the country that don’t have the resources to host such an event.

There is a huge correlation between bullying and education level. In addition, the quality of a student’s education is correlated directly with the amount of money in their school’s budget. Combined, this means that the schools needing the most help addressing bullying are the schools that can afford it the least.

Throughout my career, low income schools have been the hardest for me to reach. Even when I waive any honorarium fees, these schools don’t have the resources to even pay the travel expenses to get me there. But if, together, we can reach this fundraising goal, I will be able to do assemblies at 25 low income schools. Funding this project means reaching around 8000 kids, face to face, at their schools. It means 8000 high fives and fist bumps! The money raised will be used to pay travel expenses, event planning, food, presentation supplies, books for the schools (yes- I have to pay for my own books!), and if there is anything left, a small, fair speaking honorarium. Please click on the image and donate to the cause! And if  you know anyone who might be interested in contributing, please pass this information along.


Derek Munson

(enemy pie guy)


Enemy Pie Anti-Bullying Book Tour on Crowdrise

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