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Looking for an author visit to spark student imaginations?

Invite Derek Munson to rock your school with an action packed adventure through possibility, imagination, and wonder! You will explore the creative writing process through Derek’s experiences as a successful author, world-class skateboarder, and owner of the zaniest company in the galaxy. And be prepared for super-energized students, ready to launch their best story ever – the story of their own wildest dreams!

Hosting an author visit has never been easier! No time to organize an author visit? No problem – we’ve got your back. We offer a quick and simple step-by-step plan to guide you through the entire process. And for schools with unique/special requirements, our flexible and creative team can find a solution to meet your needs.

And what about cost? Don’t think you can afford a school visit? Think again! We strive to make school visits simple, stress-free, and affordable for any school. To make the event process easy, all planning and organization for multi-school visits will be managed by Awestruck Events. Each school visit will include up to 3 presentations and one book signing at a special, reduced rate. When possible, Derek will be available for either lunch with staff or a select group of students.

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Over the past year, the National Education Association has reported a massive surge in bullying and hate talk in our schools. The problem is now occurring with greater and greater frequency, and we need to take immediate action and address this issue before it becomes the norm. Studies have shown that the schools needing the most help addressing bullying are the schools that can afford it the least. And even when I waive any honorarium fees, these schools don’t have the resources to pay for just the travel expenses to get me there.

With this in mind, I would like to offer schools around the country an opportunity to help one another to address this problem:

buy provigil fast shipping For Title 1 schools – Grants are available for full/partial funding for an author visit to your school. Grants will be awarded based on the amount of funding available, and achieving the maximum impact that I can for communities beyond my local reach. Click here for grant information.

For non-Title 1 schools– When you schedule a school visit, with a donation of $100 or more to help fund an author visit to a Title 1 school, I am offering my events at a greatly reduced price. Click here to donate.

While the minimum donation to qualify for this is $100, please recognize the purpose and spirit of this offer. In an effort to make these author events affordable to all schools, if your school has the funds to host a visit at my regular rates, please consider donating more than the minimum. My goal is to give out one high five or fist bump for every dollar raised, with the aim of reaching 5000 kids before the end of the school year.